Fuel for innovation

At every stage of innovation, ICD is your catalyst for discovering what your customers expect, designing solutions they will love, and generating revenue through innovation.
We create value for you by creating value for your customers.

By definition, we are a design team for innovation. In practice, it means that we partner with our clients in
each stage of the innovation process to:

• Generate innovative solutions focused on the user.

• Plan, design and deliver products and services.

• Lead teams to discover new businesses, services and products that give them an undeniable distinction in a crowded market.

What do we do?

Design of products, services and experiences

Do you need to develop something new that is now really difficult to understand? Or do you just need it to be awesome? We help organizations solve big business problems and teach them modern ways of working through the process. We offer strategy, research and user experience design services. This allows us to work from initial research to complete product, service and experience realization without interruptions throughout the entire process.

How we work

When we say partner, we mean it.

You likely have a strong internal team and are looking for a collaborative partner. We evaluate each engagement taking into account your internal capabilities, with the expectation that we all work together. From day one, we meet with your key stakeholders to define the core intent of your business and your user. This unified team stays with you from the initial meeting to post-launch product refinement, maintaining continuity of the value proposition and minimizing risk.


We break down physical barriers

The open-office concept we work in was designed with the intention of being able to work together with our clients in an agile and lean process.

In this way we can obtain results more faster by creating a more cohesive team that facilitates a faster resolution and implementation of projects. We have the flexibility to work with client teams in multiple locations and different time zones.

We help your organization's teams go one step further, developing innovation as a new state of mind, not a program.


Main experiences developed by our team